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>>> good morning, attack on libya. u.s. and allied forces strike libya with cruise missiles >>> good morning. attack on libya. u.s. and allied forces strike libya with cruise missiles and fighter jets and a show of force against gadhafi. now american stealth bombers have enter the fight. >> we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy. >> defiance. the libyan dictator digs in, calling the coalition operation terrorism and warning it could ignite a crusader war. >>> and miracle rescue. nine days after the earthquake that devastated japan, two survivors are saved from the rubble. today is sunday march 20th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday. i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolf. breaking news out of libya today where the assault on gadhafi intensifies. >> this morning a senior pentagon official says three american b-2 stealth bombers have been used dropping bottoms in a libyan airfield. american pilots are takin
it cool. meanwhile, the u.s. and japanese government seem to be differing on the severity of the situation. the u.s. now saying anybody within 50 miles of that plant, especially americans that we're dealing with, should be out of that area. they are offering voluntary evacuations of american personnel inside japan. we'll have more on the story coming up. >> we'll turn to issues at home and how you know if you have got the right doctor for you. we're going to give you some advice about how to find a new physician and how can you find out about the quality of care that the doctor provides. it's a concierge doctor. we'll get into that issue. >>> later on we all want to pass on certain things to our children including a nice little nest egg. could you be passing on bad financial habits? we'll take a look at the wrong things you may be doing for your kids from overusing credit cards to not being honest about money. we have david here to talk about mistakes we make as far as financial advice for our children. >> let's go to natalie at the news desk. >> helicopters are dropping water on the damag
>>> good morning. target libya -- moammar gadhafi's compound hit by a cruise missile as u.s.-led air strikes intensify. but while american officials say the initial campaign has been a success, there are signs the libyan leader's forces are still on the tack. >>> setback. just after reporting progress at the nuclear plant in japan, smoke rising from the reactor forced them to evacuate again. this as milk and vegetables are pulled from near the site due to fears of contamination. >>> and a female wing walker fighting for her life after her husband was forced to crash land the airplane. he speaks about her condition the airplane. he speaks about her condition today, monday march 21, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. busy monday morning. i'm matt lauer. ann curry is back from japan, in for meredith. what a job you did on what was a difficult trip. >> it was difficult for everyone involved. i think we are all thinking of the people who are there and especially for the japanese. we'll have the latest from
far. there is a tsunami warning in hawaii and parts of the u.s. west coast today friday, march hawaii and parts of the u.s. west coast today friday, march 11, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> welcome to "today" on this friday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm ann curry in for matt. this was a powerful earthquake. the images are stunning out of japan. it shows the tsunami sweeping inland, some 60 miles over farmland in sendai japan, 200 miles north of tok yochlt cars, housings, buildings being swept out with this massive wave. >> it started with an 8.9 magnitude quake that hit around 2:45 p.m. local time. it is the largest quake in japan's recorded history and the fifth strongest quake in the world in the past 111 years. there have been at least 19 aftershocks, including several stronger than last month's devastating quake in new zealand. a tsunami warning has been extended to include hawaii and parts along the u.s. west coast. >> when it starts to hit the continental shelf it moves as fast as 500 miles per hour, the speed of a jumbo jet. the first wave is exp
on this desperate attempt just ahead. >>> growing disagreement today between officials in japan and here in the u.s. over the severity of the situation. the chair of the u.s. regulatory commission believes a storage pool holding highly radioactive spent fuel rods may be completely empty at this point and that at times radiation levels have been so high they would be lethal in a very short period of time. he urged americans to stay at least 50 miles away from the plant but that's four times the distance of the evacuation order from japanese officials. people in japan are growing really frustrated at this point about the lack of clear, prompt information. we'll talk about that as well as the state department's decision to begin offering voluntary evacuation to family members of personnel in japan. >> we have a lot to get to. let us start this morning with ann curry who is in northern japan. ann, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. as you report the situation is still very serious. the japanese government is saying the radiation levels are stable. the u.s. has its own experts
daiichi nuclear plant. and the u.s. military has shifted some of the fleet a little further from shore after some personnel were exposed to a cloud of low level radiation. the state department is warning americans they should avoid travel to japan. that seems like good advice. >>> also ahead the devastating earthquake that hit on friday was the biggest in japan's recorded history, but the aftermath may be worse with the tsunami washing out swaths of coastal civilization. many areas are cut off. no rescue getting in and very little information getting out. >> plus, six nuclear reactors suffered damage in the disaster. there have been two explosions now at the fukushima daiichi plant. 180,000 people were evacuated from around that area. what is known about the extent of the damage and what is the radiation threat to the people of japan and possibly even around the globe. ann curry is on the scene in japan. it seems to she'll update us live in a moment as well. >> just ahead also, many here in the united states are concerned about loved ones in the disaster zone. ann curry got a tweet fro
>>> good morning. breaking news, a defense department official tells nbc news a u.s. f-15 fighter jet has crashed in libya. we are live with the latest on the fate of the crew. >>> back to work. crews return to the damaged nuclear plant in japan to try to stop the smoke, steam and radiation that's escaping. this morning they have hit a new snag when it comes to re-establishing power to the facility. >>> and sorry, charlie. just two weeks after giving him the boot, cbs is reportedly in talks to bring charlie sheen back to "two and a half men." but after everything each side has said, can anyone say they are winning today? has said, can anyone say they are winning today? tuesday, march 22, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry in for meredith. the crash of a u.s. fighter jet happened overnight near the city of benghazi. the cause was likely mechanical. >> the pilots ejected and one crew member has been recovered. the other is what they are calling in the process of being rec
crashed in libya overnight. both crew members are safe. they have been recovered by u.s. officials and we are going to be talking about that story in a little while. >> important story this morning. >> that is good news. on another note, coming up in this half hour we'll be talking about your diet questions with joy bauer. everything diet and nutrition from feeding your sweet tooth to having a mid-day snack that won't make you sleepy. we have he wille think answers for you. a little bit later on it's hard to believe but reportedly actor and warlock charlie sheen is in negotiations to go back to work on his hit sit com "two and a half men." will it happen? we'll update you on the reported talks. >> do you remember the beginning of this whole thing where he said that, mark my words, they will beg me to come back and the number is now $3 million per episode, not $2 million. i wonder what we'll find out about that. >> also this morning, especially in this economy people are looking for deals. we have more to tell you about including gourmet coffee and jewelry and also pocketbooks. apparently
>>> good morning. a responsibility to act. president obama defends his decision to involvele the u.s. military in libya but vowed our troops will not be used to overthrow moammar gadhafi by force. >> to be blunt, we went down that road in iraq. >> did the president say enough to quiet his critics? >> prince harry joins a punishing expedition to the north pole. we are with him live. >> and buried. a snow boarder crashes and becomes trapped upside down in six feet of snow. his helmet camera captured it all including a desperate call to his wife. >> i'm stuck in a tree well. give them my phone number. >> are you serious? >> i'm going to die if they don't find me. >> luckily, she did and he was finally rescued. he's sharing his story with us finally rescued. he's sharing his story with us today, tuesday, march 29, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. president obama vowed america's role would be limited in libya last night. he told the nation we had fulfilled the pledge, we had done wha
been injured during a second hydrogen explosion today at the fukushima nuclear plant and the u.s. military shifted some of the fleet further away from shore after military personnel were exposed to low level radiation. the state department is warning americans to avoid travel to japan. >> we also have new home video that captured the tsunami as it destroyed towns on the japanese coast. in the wake of the disaster, there is new speculation that the san andreas fault in california will be the source of the next big tremor. more on that just ahead. we begin with the latest on the unfolding situation in japan. we have several reports starting with ann curry who is in the hard hit region of miyogi. good morning, ann. >> reporter: good morning. i'm in a city called minamisanriku. it is one of the most devastated towns in the most affected region of this epic disaster in japan. and four days after the quake and tsunami, this area is barely reached by the outside world. [ screaming ] >> reporter: nbc news obtained this home video of the tsunami as it struck the coastal fishing village of
gadhafi's hometown. president obama prepares to explain his decision to involve the u.s. military in libya during an address to the nation tonight. >>> in a disturbing case, the 55 billionaire air to the s.c. johnson fortune charged with sexually abusing a child for years. the alleged victim, his now 15-year-old stepdaughter. >>> and princely party. harry threw his brother a bachelor party over the weekend but a hitch in the plans forced a last-minute change. we'll have details and tell you about our plans for the royal we'll have details and tell you about our plans for the royal wedding today, march 28, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm meredith vieira. nice to be back. >> it's been a while. >> it has. i went to london to vicsit the queen. she wouldn't answer the door though. but president obama is going to face criticism. membe members of both parties have expressed concerns about the goal of the mission and how long our forces will be in libya. we'll have more straight ahead. >> also, did
to the earthquake and tsunami disaster from u.s. urban search and rescue teams to american warships delivering supplies onshore. we get more on all this now from nbc miguel. >> reporter: at u.s. military facilities in japan, relief efforts are under way. 1,500 pounds of bryce and bread loaded on to seahawk helicopters. the desperately needed food. out at sea, the "u.s.s. blueridge" is on its way. the carrier left singapore on friday. >> help protect the japanese people. >> reporter: with japan in a state of emergency, more help is coming from around the world. search and rescue teams from 45 countries are ready to respond. south korea, australia and the united kingdom have all deployed search teams. time is working against them. >> we know there are miraculous survivors and many days out from this, but the longer time goes on, the less likely you'll find survivors. >> reporter: in fairfax, virginia, crews loaded supplies. they'll join a team from los angeles in japan. >> you're out of here. >> reporter: it was that same team that pulled a woman six days after in port-au-prince. the team will b
in better days. >> reporter: since the u.s. navy delivered supplies on sunday more than 90 countries have offered aid, much of which is yet to get to victims. an early tally by the american red cross shows as of monday, $23 million in donations have been offered to help japan. >> i want to reiterate america's support for the people of japan, some of our closest friends and allies. >> reporter: tokyo, a financial hub of asia, has been paralyzed with trains out of service and major stores closed. and japan's stock market lost 13% of its value as big companies like toyota announced they would be closed at least until thursday. everyone watches and waits for miracles like this 4-month-old survivor pulled from beneath the are you able fr rubble, now reunited with her father. matt, late today, more good news. we heard that a 70-year-old woman who was in a house that was swept away by the tsunami has been found. she was suffering from hypothermia but she was alive and is now being treated in a hospital. matt? >> small miracles in the wake of such devastation. ann, thank you very much. we'll chec
since air strikes launched by u.s. and coalition forces got under way. richard engel has reached the rebel front lines. good morning to you. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: good morning, matt. we have been seeing rebels moving down the road with anti-aircraft weapons, mostly in pickup trucks. they are trying to take the city of ajdabiya. gadhafi's forces are dug in and fighting back. we have been hearing out of ajdabiya artillery and mortar fire, some landing close to where we are. we are using this armored personnel carrier both for cover and it is evidence of what the western alliance is doing here to help the rebels. this was one of gadhafi's pieces of armor clearly destroyed by a western air strike. >> you know, the no-fly zone has given the rebels reprieve from the forces of gadhafi. do they seem, based on what you are experiencing, organized enough to mount a legitimate offensive and are they hoping that the united states even offers them military assistance on the ground to mount such an offensive? >> reporter: they are clearly launching a counter offensive. i'm wa
refinery, was still burning today. the u.s. geological survey says japan's main islands has shifted eight feet as a result of the quake. there have been at least 125 powerful aftershocks in the last 24 hours. even before today's explosion at a nuclear power plant, the authorities had declared a state of emergency at five nuclear reactors and warned a meltdown. thousands have been evacuated from their homes nearby. and officials had insisted that while there would be radiation leaks it would be small. scores of countries have offered assistance, including the u.s., which has almost 50,000 troops stationed in japan, amy. >> i understand you traveled about two hours north before you had to turn back. what were your impressions as you tried to make it to the e epicent epicenter? >> well, there has been an awful lot of disruption to transport here and to the infrastructure. it's been taking 16 hours for people to reach even close to the area of the earthquake and the tsunami. that's partly because there is so much traffic on the road and partly because of the destruction to the highway. even c
with the very latest. >> reporter: this is what the u.s. and it allies are trying to stop. gadhafi forces pounding rebels in the western city of misrata. the rebels claim this video i don't was taken friday even after gadhafi announced a cease fire. in fact gadhafi seemed determined to carry out a bloody threat to retake the rebel strong hold benghazi. he said he would show no mercy and no compassion. all this prompted a grave commander in chief to issue a blunt warning. >> these terms are not subject to negotiation. if gadhafi does not comply with the resolution, the international community will impose consequences. and the resolution will be enforced through military action. >> reporter: president obama spoke shortly after briefing 18 congressional leaders, including many wary of yet another military engagement in a ththir muslim country. but in benghazi, rebels cheered the u.n. decision to come to their rescue. >> very happy. >> reporter: as the fighting continues, the president is sending his secretary of state to paris to consult again with the allies. >> colonel gadhafi's refusal to
very much. a week into the campaign the u.s. role in libya is about to change. nato will take over enforcement of the no-fly zone but rebels and pro-gadhafi forces are fighting it out street to street. nbc's richard engel is one of the first journalists to reach ajdabiya where there are battles raging now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. rebels have taken about half of this city. gadhafi's forces still contain pockets and have tanked positioned around the edges. we have seen street-to-street fighting. we can hear gunfire now. rebels have been taking cover, firing machine guns, trying to find gadhafi's forces and drive them out. this is what the war in libya has become. the western air strikes will take out gadhafi's heavy weapons, tanks, aircraft and allow the rebels to push into cities themselves and fight it out almost hand to hand with gadhafi's forces in several cities in libya. >> you talk hand to hand. i was struck on thursday by your reporting and how poorly equipped the rebels seemed to be in terms of weapons. are you sai seeing indications that they are being supp
's forces pounded the last rebel stronghold in western libya with tank and artillery fire. the u.s. government will be up and running through april 8 now that congress approved another short-term budget with $6 billion in spending cuts. the legislation will buy time for negotiation on a longer-term budget with republicans asking for still deeper cuts. former haitian president returns to haiti today from exile despite u.s. protests that his arrival in port-au-prince could disrupt an already rocky presidential election. a run-off vote is slated for sunday. he's lived in exile in south africa since his ouster in 2004. he says his homecoming is not politically motivated. >>> federal health officials have documented the first known case of hiv spread by a living organ donor. the kidney donor passed his initial screening, then had unprotected sex before the transplant. officials are now saying donors should be tested within one week of the surgery. finally, a miracle baby for a 32-year-old gibbon. israeli zoo keepers were shocked when they found she was pregnant. she last gave birth 11 y
. in the news, libyan leader moammar gadhafi warned today that thousands of libyans will die in the u.s. or nato intervene in his country. overnight his forces launched a counter offensive against forces who control a key oil installation. today, britain said it has started an operation to airlift refugees stranded on the border with tunisia. meantime the u.s. navy has sent two ships through the suez canal on the way to libya's mediterranean coast to offer humanitarian relief. the u.s. government will likely stay open for business as the house has approved $4 billion in spending cuts to keep the government from shutting down when current funding expires. the bill advances to the senate for a vote today. california's attorney general has asked a federal appeals court on tuesday to let same-sex marriages resume immediately in her state while the courts decide if california's proposition 8 which bans gay marriages is unconstitutional. six months ago a federal district judge ordered a halt to the marriages while the case is on ale peel. a new study is raising concerns about the use of heart devices
the voluntary evacuation zone to beyond the 18-mile perimeter. u.s. military officials tell nbc news that a nato commander will likely take the helm of enforcing the no-fly zone in libya tomorrow. this move doesn't immediately mean the end of u.s.-led air strikes in that country. since the start of the operation the u.s. has flown about 70% of the air strikes over libya and it's still uncertain how long a transition of leadership will last. representatives from moammar gadhafi's government and leaders of the opposition are expected to attend a meeting in ethiopia today. >>> tensions are on the rise. rockets from the gaza strip landed deeper in israel than they have in years. israel struck back with air raids in gaza. in syria, protesters declared this a day of dignity and are gathering to denounce the deaths of 25 demonstrators. >>> in yemen, tens of thousands are rallying as the long-time president's power base deteriorates. >>> powerful aftershocks in myanmar after a 6.3 tremor killed at least 63 people there and rattled buildings as far as bangkok and vietnam. the quake did not trigger a tsun
, the nation's top government spokesman acknowledged japan is willing to accept technical help from the u.s. in dealing with the nation's nuclear crisis. on thursday, president obama visited the japanese embassy in washington to sign a condolence book, calm u.s. fears and pledge to help the japanese people. >> we feel a great urgency to provide assistance to those who have been displaced from their homes, who are suffering enormously at this moment. >> reporter: japan is a nation on edge. passport centeres are full, tran stations mobbed. at the airport u.s. embassy staffers set up a help desk for americans who want to leave. crowds flocked aboard buses out of sendai, a city hard hit by the earthquake and tsunami now low on basic necessities. confusi confusion, anger and distrust are spreading despite the government's reassurance. this woman is frightened. we are worried about our health, she said. i came to buy masks to protect ourselves. today, marking one week since the quake, many in the nation paused to pay tribute as the number of dead and missing mounts. survivors now struggle without
intelligence-gatherering. this is the first step to where the u.s. could be doing covertly arming the rebels in their fight against gadhafi. now, u.s. officials caution that they have not done that yet. this is essentially laying the legal groundwork to do that. once you do, it comes under fairly strict congressional oversight, but done in a classified way, carl. >> chuck, what has the white house said about this? what are they legally able to say if they want to deny it? >> reporter: it's a covert operation and is legally deniable. that's number one. the white house is not confirming anything. obviously a few weeks ago when this crisis began they did announce that the full capabilities of the u.s. intelligence community would be used. now, at the time the implication was this was about the over the air surveillance, things like that in order to try to track gadhafi's movements. it was also at that time that the cia operatives were going into the country to begin gathering intelligence about the operation and gadhafi. one other thing, carl, the u.s. intelligence community is very optimistic
. the u.s. counts on him to keep pressure on al qaeda in yemen and is reportedly trying to broker a deal. by phone, a newspaper editor said the president and the nation are running out of time. >> i don't think it will take more than a week. i believe he'll step down less than a week if he is asked or we could see a civil war after it the week. >> reporter: and now supporters and -- nentss opponents. the violence happening as secretary gates was here. reforms clearly not happening fast enough for the thousands in the streets across the region. we expect to see more protests here in jordan and in syria after funerals to bury the dead. and in yemen, those talks continue, but at this point, everything seems to be at a very intense stalemate. >> ron allen, thanks. and for more we're joined by mark halperin. good morning. civilians are being targeted in many places. yet it's only libya where the world seems to be reapgting with the no-fly zone and no drive zone. let me start off by playing what president obama said on that very question this morning in his weekly radio address. >> the united
>>> good morning. breaking news, a u.s. f-15 fighter jet has crashed in libya. we are told they are safe. we're live with the latest. >>> significant step, the power lines have been connected to all six reactors at japan's nuclear plant. a major mile stone as crews race to try to stop the smoke, steam and radiation that is still escaping. >>> and sorry, charlie. just two weeks after giving him the boot, cbs is reportedly in talks to bring charlie sheen back to "two and a half men." but after everything each side has said, can anyone really say they're winning today tuesday, march 22nd, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. it's 7:00 on the west coast. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry in for meredith. the fighter jet crashed overnight west of benghazi. >> we're being told the cause was likely mechanical. we'll get right to the story. jim miklaszewski has the story. jim, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. those airmen were flying east of benghazi when their f-15 fighter jet experienced mech
overnight fleeing the city's of barega near tripoli. u.s. cruise missiles bombarded targets overnight into this morning. president obama announced monday night that the u.s. would hand off control to nato today a delay in the transition is now expected. officials in japan say radiation readings on sea water near the damaged nuclear plant hit their highest levels yet. officials say it doesn't pose an immediate threat to human health but fishing has been banned. engineers are struggling to find the source of leaking radiation at the plant. a wisconsin judge has once again blocked implementation of a hotly contested law that would limit collective bargaining rights of public unions. wisconsin republicans had attempted to work around the judge's previous rules and tried to put the law into effect by publishing it online. the judge declared that move invalid. >>> in his first address since deadly protests started this month the syrian president said today that conspirators are trying to destroy the country. he did acknowledge that some of the demands for government reform are legitimate. >
the u.s. military's involvement in the conflict. the president said u.s. intervention was necessary to prevent a massacre of civilians. extremely toxic plutonium is seeping from the quake-crippled nuclear power plant in japan and into the soil. officials are expanding the evacuation zone around the complex. three of the six reactors are believed to have had partial meltdowns since the march 11 earthquake and tsunami. >>> this morning, tens of thousands of syrians are showing support for their embattled president after dozens were killed in crackdowns on anti-government protests. the president is expected to address them in the next 24 hours, his concessions include a lifting of the 20-plus year state of emergency. the ruling military council says hosni mubarak and his family aren't allowed to leave their country. >>> the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments against walmart today to decide if the case can proceed as a class action lawsuit involving 500,000 women who claim they favored men for higher pay and workplace advancement. >>> dozens of elizabeth taylor's love letters will b
not lost hope. japan is not only accepting u.s. help in terms of aid and recovery, but they are also going to accept the help of u.s. nuclear experts en route here. meantime japanese officials within the last hour or so continue to say that the radiation levels are stable at the plant. they continue to work the problem. they have abandoned the idea of a fly-over to drop water on number 3 and will inject water from the ground. they say radioactivity levels now are stable at the site. >> let me talk to you about the radiation situation. you were in sendai for 36 hours, lester. i mentioned you made it to tokyo overnight and as you arrived at the hotel you and the crew were screened for radiation. talk to me about it. >> reporter: nbc hired a radioactive expert who met us at the hotel. he scanned us with a gieger counter. all of us tested clean. he checked our hair, the clothes we have been wearing. when he got to the shoes that was the different story. it went off. let me show you when he ran it over the shoes even after i had washed them. here it is. [ beeping tone ] >> is that a good thing
. coming up, the latest on libya as part of the u.s. coalition force missiles hit targets inside the country while moammar gadhafi remains defiant. >> on a different note closer to home and just in time for spring, everything you need to know about allergies, matt. millions already suffer from stuff any nose, itchy eyes and the cough that can come as everything starts to bloom. over the last 20 years all the incidents of allergies have doubled. we'll get information for you with and without medication coming up. >> also, divorce can be tough on all areas of life from parenting to emotional health and for women, the finances takes a beating. the average divorce costs in $27,000. splitting up can be a lesson in financial hard knocks. jean chatzky will tell you how to protect your cash in the event of a split. >> before that natalie is at the news desk with the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. the pentagon is calling the u.s.-led aerial assault on libya this weekend very effective and says the strikes sent moammar gadhafi's forces scrambling. now we have word that gadhafi is ba
fighting they captured a key city and held by punishing air strikes from u.s. and coalition forces. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richened engel is on the ground. richard, good morning. >> good morning, lester. we are on the outskirts of ajdabiya. this town clearly taken by the rebels and with considerable help. you can see beind me one of gadhafi's tanks that was obliterated by air strikes. the rebels have pushed about 50 miles to the west of here. so, advancing their frontline in the past 24 hours or so. they say they will continue this until they can reach some more gadhafi-held territory. this is a rebel now counteroffensive under way, assisted by the western airstrikes. lester? >> richer, the nato officials say they're not trying to actively assist the rebels but in trying to protect civilians. their bombs are helping. how far can the rebels advance and is gadhafi's army, in fact, crumbling? >> gadhafgadhafi's army certain this area is crumbling. when you look on the ground, we've seen 20 armored vehicles destroyed from the air. it seems this is not just a defensive operatio
away. i don't know what to say. i hope my daughter is alive somewhere. >> reporter: since the u.s. navy delivered supplies on sunday, more than 90 countries have offered aid, much of which has yet to get to the victims. an early tally by the american red cross shows as of monday, $23 million in donations have been offered to help japan. tokyo, a financial hub of asia, has been paralyzed with trains out of service and major stores closed. and japan's stock market lost 13% of its value as big companies like toyota announced they would be closed at least until thursday. everyone watches and waits for miracles like this 4-month-old survivor pulled from beneath th rubble by a japanese soldier three days after she went missing, now reunited with her father. late today there was more good news. a 70-year-old woman that was in a house that was pushed by the tsunami was found suffering from hypothermia but alive. she's now being treated in a hospital. so in a country that needs good news, that's certainly a welcome one. >> indeed. >> back to you. >> ann curry in one of the hardest hit areas of j
moammar gadhafi's troops launch a counter offensive. is it time for the u.s. to consider arming the opposition? >>> dangerous dyes -- does the coloring in foo we eat every day have a negative impact on children's food and behavior? what some parents are already doing just in case. >>> and the polar prince on his trek to the arctic. he opened up to us about his most important duty at his brother's wedding. >> are you thinking about what you will say? >> writing a speech while i'm stuck in a tent at minus 40. >> our conversation with prince harry today, wednesday, march >> our conversation with prince harry today, wednesday, march 30, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm meredith vieira. the rebels in libya, aided by coalition air strikes were making a rapid advance to tripoli but have taken a beating from forces loyal to moammar gadhafi today. >> the rebels have retreated some 100 miles. we'll have the late nest a live report from libya ahead. we'll also talk to michelle bachman who
. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. the u.s. and its allies are escalating pressure on moammar gadhafi. the justice department is being asked to open a new investigation into whether the libyan leader personally ordered one of the worst terror attacks in u.s. history. for than two decades after more than 200 people including 189 americans died in the lockerbie bombing reports that moammar gadhafi may have ordered the attack, sparking calls for a new investigation. >> there have been statements made by what are now former members of the libyan government fingering gadhafi, making it clear that the order came from the very top. i think we need to move expeditiously. >> reporter: this after two administrations -- bush and obama -- dealt with gadhafi. some of the families of the victims have written to president obama and say they are furious, sickened. receive any bernstein's husband was on the flight. >> we have chosen to look the other way because of business interests, because for some reason we thought we could bring gadhafi into the family of civilized nations. we now know how wrong
measures. with u.s. support, the u.n. security council authorized a no-fly zone over libya and the use of military actions against moammar gadhafi's forces. air strikes could begin as soon as today. >>> live from london, meredith vieira gets a special tour of westminster abbey from the man who will officiate at the royal wedding as the countdown to the big event hits 42 days today, friday, march 18, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television " on a friday morning. >>> good morning. welcome to a special edition of "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer in new york. meredith is in london. buckingham palace. good morning to you. >> hey, matt. good morning to you as well. we'll get the latest on the royal wedding and my tour of westminster abbey in a bit. there are new developments on the crisis in japan, matt. >> there certainly are. japanese officials who have been criticized for downplaying the severity of the nuclear crisis raised their rating of the situation to a 5 on the scale of 1 to 7. that means they expected wider consequences beyond the local area surrounding that
are. given that, and a lot of other reasons, what are the chances the u.s. can get further deeply involved? >> the question here is whether or not, honestly, this military intervention by the west is going to make enough room in this military fight that gadhafi goes. it is unclear at this point. richard's reporting as clear as anything points out that the military capacity of the rebels doesn't seem to guarantee that. now, the u.n. mission is not to get rid of gadhafi. is not to defeat him, it's to stop him from massacring civilians. that is the grounds on which this test will be judged. but it's very hard to imagine the u.s. being in this for much longer, and getting out of a lead role. the u.s. military is so dominant compared to other mill tears in the rest of the world. it's hard for us to be a participant in anything we are not running. >> you seem so clear about what the mission is, but in fact, speaker boehner doesn't seem as clear. in fact, he wrote a letter to the president saying, we don't know how long the no-fly zone will be in force, we don't know the cost of the miss
and suburban trains but norita airport has resumed some flights. the u.s. navy says it is mobilizing what's described as a massive humanitarian response to the disaster. ann? >> anne thompson, thank you. we have gene maestas with the coast guard on the phone from hawaii. hey, gene. good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm great, especially now that i'm hearing that you're doing great. i understand it's possible that hawaii may have dodged a bullet. is it too early to say? what can you tell us? >> we are cautiously optimistic now but not relieved yet. there could be secondary wave action. we are just standing by for that. the port is still closed. all the parts are closed actually here on the hawaiian islands and in guam. we are not going to take chances. >> all right. in terms of having evacuated everyone, is that job already done or are you still -- is that still ongoing as you wait for the potential secondary wave? >> i just received an update from the local fire department. they said that the police barricaded roads. so the evacuations have already taken place. they are not a
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